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Across the Nation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects prevent flooding and storm damage. In the daily and seasonal operation of hundreds of Corps projects, national requirements for water supply and opportunities for recreation and environmental stewardship are also balanced. The Nation expects the Corps to guarantee that its existing projects will function as designed and provide for sustained performance and life safety. It is also anticipated that new projects will incorporate the most advanced knowledge and capabilities in planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Rendering of Levee Through research and development, the Corps provides for the sustained operation of existing water resources infrastructure by developing

  1. innovative techniques and methods to assess the condition of the infrastructure, and to determine areas of potential poor performance;
  2. materials and procedures to strengthen, reinforce, and prevent damage to the infrastructure;
  3. methods and procedures to provide for rapid repair should failure occur;
  4. methods to provide for resilience in the system;
  5. techniques to enhance response and recovery; and
  6. various means of mitigation to protect against potential degradation or failure of infrastructure.

Related to both existing and new water resources infrastructure, this research is also providing improved knowledge and methodologies for detailed evaluation of changes in infrastructure characteristics.

  • Dam Safety
  • Levee Safety
  • Infrastructure Protection

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